How to Create a High-Converting Landing Page for a Live or Evergreen Webinar

With Bob Sparkins from Leadpages

Maybe the most crucial step in a webinar sales funnel is the moment you convert visitors of your landing page into webinar attendees. If you can't make that happen — with your target audience in particular — then the right people never get to experience how the solution you offer is a perfect fit for the problem they are struggling with. A webinar is a powerful sales tool, but if you can't get anyone to show up for it, so what?!

In this interactive webinar, CEO of eWebinar, Melissa Kwan, interviews Bob Sparkins from the #1 landing page building platform, Leadpages, and asks him to share his roadmap for creating a webinar landing page with a high conversion rate you can count on. Bob takes 15+ years of digital marketing experience, combines it with real world insights gained during his many years at Leadpages, and boils it all down in to a step-by step process that's easy for you to follow. Whether your webinars are live or evergreen, Bob's the man with the plan!

Be sure to stick around till the end for a special webinar-only offer from Leadpages.